Ideation / Brainstorming
Iterations. The modular identity is inspired by Penta's vision of connecting students and prosthetics users through a rehabilitation program, and by the aesthetic of the nuts and bolts that join prosthetic legs. 
a brochure geared towards high school students, explaining Penta's summer program
more pages from brochure
Penta stickers
More applications to come!

More projects:

Saul Steinberg poster
a poster celebrating the drawings of illustrator Saul Steinberg
Editorial: Jon Burgerman
a web editorial project featuring an interview with Jon Burgerman. Layout optimized for mobile, with small interactive elements.
Phone Book Iterations
iterations on a phone book cover, based off a joke—"they're still printing the phone book?"
Pasta Packaging
pastel pasta packaging that makes it easier to pour out pasta
Star/light poster
a 35"x 50" poster on light pollution, composed using photographs I took of city lights in Providence
Fuck Content
a book merging Michael Rock's original and revised Fuck Content essays, with pages that highlight their own framing, or design.
Incomplete Manifesto for Growth poster
a large 35"x 50" experimental poster pairing Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth with Conway's Game of Life
Interactive Grass
an interactive webcam program that sprouts flowers when something yellow appears
A History of Typography
a selection of spreads from a history of typography primer designed for Type II class.
Wedding Menu
lasercut menus for a sister's wedding with the theme of a springtime garden party