Ideation / Brainstorming
Iterations. The modular identity is inspired by Penta's vision of connecting students and prosthetics users through a rehabilitation program, and by the aesthetic of the nuts and bolts that join prosthetic legs. 
a brochure geared towards high school students, explaining Penta's summer program
more pages from brochure
Penta stickers
More applications to come!

More projects:

Joe Colombo poster
a poster on the works of industrial designer, Joe Colombo
Star/light poster
a 35"x 50" poster on light pollution, composed using photographs I took of city lights in Providence
Misc. Posters
a small collection of miscellaneous posters from 2015
Saul Steinberg poster
a poster celebrating the drawings of illustrator Saul Steinberg
Scribblehack: 404 Error
a 404 error page with the theme of exploration & adventure
RISD 2016-17 Course Overview
infographic of the freshman curriculum for the RISD 2016-17 Undergraduate Viewbook
Wedding Menu
lasercut menus for a sister's wedding with the theme of a springtime garden party
Pasta Packaging
pastel pasta packaging that makes it easier to pour out pasta
Interactive Grass
an interactive webcam program that sprouts flowers when something yellow appears
Phone Book Iterations
iterations on a phone book cover, based off a joke—"they're still printing the phone book?"