Touch Me allows museum visitors to interact with displayed art through virtual sensory play. In the museum, where you cannot physically touch the art, the phone allows you to run your fingers across it virtually, and translates that touch into music. The surface of the painting is made textural through responsive sound, and can then be played somewhat like an instrument. 
To interact with a piece, visitors must stand within the vicinity of the painting they mean to interact with; after the first interaction, the painting is "unlocked," and is then available to be played as an instrument, whenever and wherever the visitor carries their phone. In this way, Touch Me provides a further incentive for users to visit the museum in person and to interact with the artwork alongside other visitors. A collaboration with Laura Lin. 

In Touch Me, a Sol Lewitt piece reacts with sound through touch.

More projects:

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Alpha is a wide, serif display face with alternate widths and a flair for drama. Created with guidance from Font Bureau's Richard Lipton.
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Penta is a social start-up created by a group of Brown University students with the aim of providing accessible prosthetics to disabled children in Vietnam.
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