More projects:

8eyes Opening
An opening show and exhibition for 8eyes type foundry, created with four friends to showcase the display typefaces we created in the spring. Collaboration with May Kodama, Kaitlyn Nee, and Taryn Oshiro-Wachi. Advised by Richard Lipton.
A TFB with the BFG
A Type Friendly Book with the Big Friendly Giant (with excerpts from Roald Dahl's the BFG) is a gentle introduction to learning the basics of typography.
Scribblehack: 404 Error
A 404 error page with the theme of exploration & adventure
Deforestation poster
A poster on deforestation—its causes and the future
Inspired by Rebecca Solnit's A Faraway Nearby, Ulna is a typeface optimized for body text that references the rough edges of boulders, bones, and ice.
Misc. Posters
A small collection of miscellaneous posters from 2015
Touch Me
Touch Me is an app that encourages conversation and play in a museum setting, where many feel the need to be quiet. A collaborative project with Laura Lin.
RISD Convocation 2016
An identity for RISD convocation, using the given theme of “fumbling” as a metaphor for the process of searching and experimenting in the intermediate stages of a project. All versions of gifs for the project were displayed together in a mosaic to show the vast quantity of iterations we fumble through before arriving at a solution.
The Future of Food
A food sampling of jello crickets to usher in the future
Wedding Menu
Lasercut menus for a sister's wedding with the theme of a springtime garden party