In Michael Rock's essay, Fuck Content, he examines the roles of design and the designer, and justifies design as a content as substantial and influential as other kinds of content, like writing and art. I wanted to create a book form that would highlight "design" as the designer's content, and landed upon the idea of frames.
A frame, as a symbol for design, alters the perception of its content. As frames can obscure, clarify, or comment upon the content they hold, and exist in places where we may be entirely unaware of them, they are immensely powerful. Rock's essay, too, is a frame through which many might view design or have their views altered. Pulling from this idea, the book layers frames made up of text on translucent paper, and merges Rock's original and revised essay. The frames increase in size as you move towards the back of the book, and openings in the center allow you to see the essays behind each page, so that every essay is literally framing the framing of itself, which is its design. The book intentionally echoes the justified page format of illuminated manuscripts, and is itself illuminated by 21st century ornamentation (icons) that separates the paragraphs in Rock's essay, with each icon referencing the sentence that follows it.  

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