We drew out our own patterns for the five platonic solids by examining already made platonic solids, and through trial-and-error, recreated them with bristol board.
5 Platonic Solids
Then we made three of our own imagined shapes!
3 Invented Solids
We also spent a few classes learning Rhinoceros, a 3D modeling program, and created structures inspired by sacred architecture. I was interested in the structure of Renaissance groin vaults, so I used their shape as modules that could be warped and stretched. 
Sacred Architecture-Inspired structure created on Rhinoceros
We visited the nature lab and chose an object to make larger versions of with plasticine clay. I chose a dried out (and very bumpy) gourd. Then we made plaster molds of the clay models and I cast and finished my plaster gourd. 
3x larger plaster model of a dried out gourd

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