As an illustrator who always had fun with his drawings, Saul Steinberg created carefully orchestrated drawings that maintained a touch of spontaneity. His work gives a fresh and funny perspective on American life and identity, and often touches upon deeper issues in contemporary culture. I wanted to create a poster that would reflect the vitality and playfulness of his drawings while immediately communicating a sense of his aesthetic as well.  
a few close-ups:

More projects:

inspired by Rebecca Solnit's A Faraway Nearby, Ulna is a typeface optimized for body text that references the rough edges of boulders, bones, and ice.
Fuck Content
a book merging Michael Rock's original and revised Fuck Content essays, with pages that highlight their own framing, or design.
Alpha is a wide, serif display face with alternate widths and a flair for drama. Created with guidance from Font Bureau's Richard Lipton.
NYT Sunday Vows: "Please Submit"
an infographic on the New York Times Sunday Vows, created for a workshop with Nicholas Felton. A collaboration with Laura Lin.
A Lasting Alaska
faux renaming and branding for an Alaska conservation group.
Star/light poster
a 35"x 50" poster on light pollution, composed using photographs I took of city lights in Providence
Joe Colombo poster
a poster on the works of industrial designer, Joe Colombo
Touch Me
Touch Me is an app that encourages conversation and play in a museum setting, where many feel the need to be quiet. A collaborative project with Laura Lin.
Interactive Grass
an interactive webcam program that sprouts flowers when something yellow appears
Phone Book Iterations
iterations on a phone book cover, based off a joke—"they're still printing the phone book?"