a poster incorporating a photograph of a letterform in space + colophon text
the result of a quick-response assignment to create an abstracted "overview" poster using elements from design projects throughout the semester
alternate response poster

More projects:

Joe Colombo poster
a poster on the works of industrial designer, Joe Colombo
Editorial: Jon Burgerman
a web editorial project featuring an interview with Jon Burgerman. Layout optimized for mobile, with small interactive elements.
Scribblehack: 404 Error
a 404 error page with the theme of exploration & adventure
RISD 2016-17 Course Overview
infographic of the freshman curriculum for the RISD 2016-17 Undergraduate Viewbook
A History of Typography
a selection of spreads from a history of typography primer designed for Type II class.
A Lasting Alaska
faux renaming and branding for an Alaska conservation group.
Incomplete Manifesto for Growth poster
a large 35"x 50" experimental poster pairing Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth with Conway's Game of Life
NYT Sunday Vows: "Please Submit"
an infographic on the New York Times Sunday Vows, created for a workshop with Nicholas Felton. A collaboration with Laura Lin.
Phone Book Iterations
iterations on a phone book cover, based off a joke—"they're still printing the phone book?"
Star/light poster
a 35"x 50" poster on light pollution, composed using photographs I took of city lights in Providence