These are a couple of my old journal pages, done partly for class but mostly for fun. They were all done in a typical 100 page, 8.5" x 11" black-cover sketchbook, mostly from 2009-2010.
Cow in Jello, 2009
Tree Village, pen & ink in 2009
little people in a paint world, 2010
a life drawing of my desktop, 2010
Bus Ride, 2010 (sidenote: the idea was to slowly draw lines on my way home on the school bus. 
Coincidentally, I discovered recently that this is very similar to something in Speck, except it involves subways and multiple people. Ha!)
Frog and Octopus and Cut-Paper Galaxy, cut-paper in 2011
Bubbles, oil pastel in 2010

More projects:

Oil Paintings of Figures
oil paintings of figures, clothed and unclothed
Horse Cow postcards
a small personal project with horse cows
Studies in Oil
a selection of work from a 5-week Intro to Oil Painting class
Spatial Dynamics
selected works from my Foundations Spatial class in the Fall
Light and Interiors
a selection of past work dealing with light and mood, empty spaces, and being alone
Small Dreams
a series of small 6"x9" paintings on the subject of dreams
Drawings and Sketches
some drawings, sketches, and doodles from a few years ago
pen & ink drawing of a good friend, named Scout